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Why You Want A Gas Log Set

Why You Want A Gas Log Set

I was in my home for 4 years before I made the decision to buy a gas log. The harsh Michigan winters hit like clockwork and I'd crank up the heat, put plastic over the fireplace to stop the cold air and pray for spring to come quickly. 

I was visiting a neighbor and noticed her set of gas logs. Even turned off, it was pretty -  and then she flicked a switch and boom, just like that, she transformed her living room from regular to cozy. Toss in a bottle of wine and good conversation and winter didn't seem so frigid anymore. The next day, I started looking into buying my own. 

If you have an existing fireplace but seldom use it, a set of gas logs may be the best way to have dancing flames at your fingertips!

Gas logs can transform your existing wood burning fireplace for realistic, room-enhancing fire as they don't require any change in the appearance or structure of your fireplace. Instead, it delivers fire with the flip of a switch, at any moment, any day of the year. 

Gas logs provide dramatic realism, from the lifelike ceramic fiber, concrete or refractory logs down to the glowing embers. A log set has a burner that uses either natural gas or propane. Propane and natural gas fireplace sets are an affordable way to revamp your existing fireplace.

Vented gas logs units have a spectacular flame pattern, but are decorative only. However, vent-free models offer high efficiency, but may not be permitted in some areas.

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