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Safety Tips When Operating Your Gas Fireplace, Stove, or Insert

Safety Tips When Operating Your Gas Fireplace, Stove, or Insert

Fireplaces bring a lot of warmth and cozy comfort. 

Following these safety tips will help keep your family safe while you enjoy your gas fireplace, stove, or insert! 

  • Always supervise children, those with special needs, and pets when they are near an operating gas fireplace, stove or insert – or one that has recently been turned off (because it will still be hot)
  • Keep the remote control (if available) out of the reach of children.
  • Tell those who are unfamiliar with your unit that the glass panel of a gas fireplace, stove or insert can be very hot.
  • Wait for your unit and glass panel to cool down before allowing anyone to get near it. Cool down can take a long time – an hour or more. Some units turn on and off automatically with a thermostat, so you may not know when the fire turned off. To err on the side of caution, always consider the glass as potentially hot.
  • Be aware that metal surfaces, such as door frames and grilles, may also get hot.
  • Always read the owner’s manual and follow instructions. For example, there may be ways to disable your remote when not in use.
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