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Best 5 Vented Gas Logs

Top 5 Vented Gas Log Sets for 2023 | Customer’s Pick!

Purchasing a gas log set can be confusing! First, you have to decide vented or unvented. Wait, did you know there was a difference? Check out this blog to help you decide.

Then it’s which log style. But wait again, still not done. Now you have to make sure you select the correct size for your fireplace. Check out this blog to help you measure your fireplace.

Finally, you have to select your controls (remote or no remote). 

No worries! Our Gas Log Learning Center (Buying Guide) will help you with these decisions.

These are the Top 5 Vented Gas Log Sets based on our customer sales. 

#1 - Golden Oak Vented Gas Logs:

Golden Oak Gas Logs

Our number one seller for years, Real Fyre Golden Oak Vented Gas Logs are exquisitely designed gas logs that are realistic and natural looking. Part of the Classic Collection for over 65 years, Golden Oak Gas Logs are crafted to the most intricate detail of genuine oak wood, adding charm and warmth to your fireplace. 

They are made from superior grade refractory ceramics with reinforcements for greater strength and thermal durability for lasting enjoyment. 

Available in sizes 16” 30” with several different control options. Perfect for a variety of budgets.

#2 - Charred Oak Vented Gas Logs:

Charred Oak Gas Logs

One of more than 10 options in the Charred Collection, Real Fyre Charred Oak Vented Gas Logs bring the beauty of nature into your home. The intricate detail, recreated from real bark samples add to the authentic look of wood charred by fire. 

Designed to last longer under high temperatures and made of superior quality refractory ceramics with steel reinforcements. 

Available in sizes 16” – 30” and multiple control options. The Charred Oak has a split in the front long, allowing greater visibility into the flames and revealing an awesome fire.

#3 - Red Oak Vented Gas Log:

Red Oak Vented Gas Logs
Who doesn’t love a beautiful Red Oak tree? The Real Fyre Red Oak Vented Gas Logs, part of the Designer Collection, capture the subtleties of nature. The flames dancing on and around the red hued logs bring a touch a nature into your fireplace, creating an ambiance of warmth.

The curved front log showcases more of the fire that engulfs the wood.

Made with high quality refractory ceramics and steel to retain their shape and strength at high temperatures, they provide radiant and efficient heat even after the set is turned off! 

Available in sizes 18” – 30” and several control options.

#4 - Burnt Rustic Vented Oak Gas logs:

Burnt Rustic Oak Gas log
Real Fyre Burnt Rustic Oak Vented Gas Logs are part of the Charred Collection. The charring in the center of the front log adds to its realism and beauty, making this gas log set a fan favorite! Made from refractory ceramics with steel reinforcements.

Customers who are switching from burning real wood to gas like this one because of the way the flames move around the logs and the realistic wood notches on the end.

Available in sizes 16” – 30” and several control options. 

#5 - Mountain Birch Vented Gas Logs:

Mountain Birch Gas Logs

Our Real Fyre Mountain Birch Vented Gas logs in the Designer Collection are one of the most popular models in our portfolio. Customers love the look of white birch that’s been singed by fire because of the authentic and rustic feel.

Modeled from the real wood samples, these logs add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home.

The Real Fyre Mountain Birch Vented Gas Log set is crafted from quality refractory ceramic and steel to strengthen the logs and endure high temperatures.

Available in sizes 18” – 30” and several control options.

All the above models are available with G45 series ANSI certified T-Burner Systems with a Pre-assembled Control valve and Regulator, Custom Grate, Glowing Embers, Sand or Vermiculite, Connector Kit, Burner Clips and Damper Clamp. Control options include, manual, on/off remote, variable flame height remote, and electronic ignition.

Check out our entire Vented Gas Log Collection

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