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Can I Have a Gas Log in My Bedroom: 7 Questions to Consider

Let’s start with the short answer. Yes! You can have a gas log in your bedroom, provided certain criteria are met. Every locality will have its own rules around whether gas log sets are permitted in bedrooms. We recommend that whenever you are in doubt, you check with your local building department. However, there are some general rules that are applicable across the board.



1) What type of gas log set are you considering for your bedroom?

There are two options, VENTED AND VENT FREE.


Vented gas logs pull air from outside the home, warm it through the fireplace, and release the warm air into the home. They are designed to vent through the chimney and push the dirty air to the outside. These units are preferable when placing a gas log set in a bedroom because they do not draw from the air inside of the room, thereby preventing potential suffocation.


Vent Free

Vent Free gas logs do not have a venting mechanism. They pull from the air inside of the room. Because their flames do not touch the logs, the air it burns is clean. Some manufacturers offer a vent free gas log with a lower BTU, that is specifically designed for bedroom use. We do not recommend installing a vent free gas log set inside of a small bedroom. Doing so, could lead to potential suffocation while sleeping.



For minimum requirements, please read the Owner’s Manual prior to installing a vent free gas log set in a bedroom. On our website product pages, under the Download Documents section, you will find the Owner’s Manuals for each log set.

2) What is the size of your bedroom?

A small bedroom is considered a room that is less than 5x5. A large bedroom is at least 10x10.


Vented gas logs can be placed in any-sized bedroom, provided the fireplace or firebox is rated for vented gas logs and your chimney is safe. Be sure to measure the inside of your fireplace and select a gas log set that will fit.


Vent Free

Vent Free gas logs must be:
1. Rated for bedroom use
2. Must only be installed inside of a large bedroom, where legal by the laws of your locality Remember to measure the inside of your fireplace for the appropriate sized gas logs.

(See also: How Do I Measure My Fireplace)

3) What are your local codes?

We touched on this briefly, but it’s important to repeat. You want to make sure you are in compliance with your local codes. The best resource is usually your local building department. Based on our research, many local communities do not allow vent free gas fireplaces in any size bedroom. Large, medium, or small.

4) Do you have respiratory issues?

A properly functioning vented or vent free gas log set will provide approximately 90% (or greater) clean air. If you have breathing issues, like asthma, you should probably stay away from either a vented or vent free gas log set in your bedroom and consider an electric fireplace.

5) Is it okay to place a gas log in my children’s bedroom?

We recommend not putting gas logs in children’s rooms, especially children under 10. For more information, consult the Owner’s Manual and/or your local building department and follow their guidance.

6) Can I have a vent free gas log in my bedroom?

Yes, you can. However, it must be a larger bedroom. At least 10x10 (check the Owner’s Manual of the vent free gas log you are considering for their specific requirements). It must also be rated for bedroom use. A bedroom vent free gas log set will have a 10,000 BTU rating or less.

bedroom gas log set

7) Should I install the gas logs myself?

Vented and vent free gas logs should only be installed by a professional. Failure to do so, could void your warranty and more importantly, improperly installed gas logs could lead to catastrophic results.

Final Thoughts
Gas log sets can transform a bedroom space into a room that is sexy, comfortable, and cozy. Follow the suggestions listed above, make sure the bedroom is large enough if you are considering vent free, make sure your local laws and regulations allow them, and read the Owner’s Manual carefully before having vented or vent free gas logs installed in a bedroom.

Still have questions? We’re here to help! We want you to enjoy your purchase. Reach out to an American Gas Works gas log expert via our online Chat, email us at or call us at 866.757.5344 to help you with your purchasing decisions!

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